Sapori D'Italia Tartufata (Fresh Truffle & Porcini Paste) 140g

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Fresh Truffle & Porcini Paste. Meticulously crafted, this luxurious paste encapsulates the earthy aroma and distinct flavour of premium black truffles and savoury porcini mushrooms. Each tub, filled with finely minced truffle pieces and hand-picked porcini mushrooms creates a velvety yet delicate spread.


Pair with Pasta, Risotto, Sandwiches or Pizza.

Ingredients: Mushrooms (moss, nail, button, porcini (Boletus edulis e relativo gruppo) ), extra virgin olive oil, truffle paste (summer truffle, olive oil), truffle oil (sunflower oil, summer truffle aroma, summer truffle), salt, garlic, parsley, black pepper. Antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Storage: Keep Refrigerated.