Sapori D'Italia Pesto Arrabbiato (Premium Fresh Spicy Pesto) 1kg

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Fresh Hot & Spicy Pesto, made with PDO Genovese Basil and Calabrian Chilli. The aromatic basil handpicked from the Genovese region, contributes to the pesto’s aroma.

Completing this richness is the intense heat of Calabrian Chilli, carefully selected for its robust spiciness and smoky undertones. Together, these ingredients create a velvety sauce with a symphony of flavours.


Pair with Pasta, Sandwiches, Pizza, Risotto, as a Dip or for Garnishing.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, DOP Basil, DOP Grana Padano Cheese (MILK, Salt, Rennet, Preservative: Lysozyme EGG), DOP Pecorino Romano Cheese (Sheep MILK, Salt, Rennet), Chilli, ALMONDS, PISTACHIOS, Salt, Garlic, Antioxidant: E300. May contain traces of other NUTS.

Storage: Keep Refrigerated.

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