What We Do

Buy Authentic Italian Food Online

We, as the Contino family have one goal, and that is to stay true to our name “Sapori D’Italia” (Tastes of Italy), by bringing you the best possible Italian foods our country has to offer.

As an Italian family business with many years of experience and expertise in both making and sourcing the best Italian foods, we now have the pleasure of bringing Italy to your doorstep with fast UK Home Delivery. With our authentic range of products, you’ll be able bring to life the Italian dishes you’ve seen in the restaurant and on pictures and videos on social media! Bring out the inner chef inside you and get creative with all our ingredients.


Easy Italian food online shopping with fast UK Home Delivery

Feeling tired? Don’t have time to head over to a food shop? Can’t find the real, authentic, high quality Italian products you’ve always dreamt about? Look no further, because we’ve got all the best Italian foods within the click of a finger, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, delivered to your home, usually within the next working day.

We have a wide range of foods from savoury to sweet, including: cured & fresh meats, fresh cheeses, pasta, rice, flour, yeast, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fresh pesto, fresh olives & antipasti, pasta & pizza sauces, savoury snacks, seafood, mushrooms, truffles and last but not least a mouth-watering selection of biscotti, pastries, cannoli, chocolates, cakes and creams.


Fresh Olives & Antipasti

Try our very own range of unique Olives & Antipasti we’ve been making for over 30 years, following our traditional Sicilian family recipes, all made using only the freshest ingredients to give the best taste. We have green olives, black olives, pitted olives, stone-in olives, stuffed olives, marinated olives, plain natural olives, mixed olives. Our Antipasti include: Sicilian Artichoke Hearts, Quarters and Stem-on, Semidried Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes, Sundried Tomatoes, Grilled Red & Yellow Peppers, Grilled Aubergines, Mixed Grilled Veg, Garlic Cloves, Baby Gherkins, Balsamic Onions, Lilliput Capers & Caperberries, Mixed Mushrooms and Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers.


Fresh Pesto, Sauces, Tapenades & Condiments

Try our very own range of fresh Pesto made by us in Liguria, Italy, using our own grown P.D.O. Genovese Basil. Using our sauces in your Pasta, Pizza or Panini will make you reconsider the sauces you’ve been using until now. DOP San Marzano Tomatoes, Truffle Sauce, Tapenades, Creams, Nduja, Chopped Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Fish Extracts.


Cured Meats & Cheeses

Try our selection of Italian Meats & Cheeses, perfect for Antipasti sharing boards, including: Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, Burrata, Taleggio DOP, Gorgonzola DOP, Ruffle Pecorino, Pistachio Pecorino, Ricotta Salata, Scamorza, Coppa, Bresaola, Prosciutto Cotto, Prosciutto Crudo, Guanciale, Pancetta, Mortadella, Salame Nostrano, Salsiccia.


Mushrooms & Truffles

A range of dried and preserved mushrooms, including Porcini, Pleurotus, Champignon, Shiitake. A fine range of truffle based products to give a dish the finishing touch it deserves, or for high-end snacking. Grate some Black Sumer Truffle on your pasta or pizza.


Pasta, Rice & Flour

The finest Italian Pasta, Rice and Flour to bring your best dishes to life! Try our gluten-free and wholemeal pasta too!



Choose from Sicilian Salted Anchovies, tuna in oil, clams, anchovy extract.


Food Cupboard Ingredients

Don’t forget your long shelf life cupboard essentials to give your home that Italian touch it deserves!


Dolci (Everything Sweet)

The finest selection on mouth-watering Italian pastries such as Biscotti, Cannoli, Amaretti, Cantuccini, Aragostine, Panettone, Pandoro and Chocolate. Perfect for a sweet treat or even to gift to a loved one.