Brontedolci Pistachio Pastries Gift Box 150g

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Sicilian pistachio sweets are just one of the variations of Brontedolci's delicious pistachio pastries. In this version they are very fragrant and very soft pistachio pastries made without flour but only with pistachios, egg whites, honey, sugar and almonds.

Inside an elegant transparent cube tied with a green silk ribbon you will find two variations of pistachio pastries: one covered with grain, the other, the classic one covered with sugar.

The elegance of the packaging makes our sweets a perfect gift idea for all occasions and for all occasions. Pistachio pastes are a true first-fruit of the Bronte tradition, they can be enjoyed all year round but the most delicious occasions to feast on them are above all Christmas and Easter.

About Brontedolci

Based in the small town of Bronte (Sicily), where PDO pistachio is grown, Brontedolci is a family-owned business that takes pride in their heritage and the ingredients their homeland has to offer. Their products are inspired by Sicilian tradition, prepared following the ancient recipes from Sicily, using excellent, locally sourced ingredients. 

Ingredients: PISTACHIO 46%, sugar, ALMOND, EGG WHITE, honey.

Storage: Ambient.