Brontedolci Pistachio Torrone 150g

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As per the traditional Sicilian recipe, Brontedolci's torrone (nougat), with pistachio, is wrapped in a soft wafer, which with its delicacy enhances its flavour.

About Brontedolci

Based in the small town of Bronte (Sicily), where PDO pistachio is grown, Brontedolci is a family-owned business that takes pride in their heritage and the ingredients their homeland has to offer. Their products are inspired by Sicilian tradition, prepared following the ancient recipes from Sicily, using excellent, locally sourced ingredients. 

Ingredients: PISTACHIO (60%), sugar, Sicilian honey, glucose syrup, EGG white, wafer covering 2% (potato starch, sunflower oil), natural vanilla flavouring.

Storage: Ambient