Strega Croccantino al Cioccolato 300g

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A delicious bar obtained from the best caramelised sugar and the finest hazelnut grains covered in Strega-flavoured dark chocolate.

About Strega Alberti

The entire range of our products is made with selected raw materials of the finest quality. They personally and carefully supervise: the processing of the chocolate to ensure a unique taste, the dried fruit, toasted and ground to make it more fragrant; the sponge cake to make it softer; the alcoholic filling for the chocolates to give them a strong taste. Alberti’s mission is to follow tradition and to guarantee our consumers a product with a simple, natural and authentic taste.

Ingredients: sugar, HAZELNUTS (20%), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Strega natural flavour (aromatic plant distillate), emulsifier: SOY lecithin, natural flavourings.

Cocoa: 51% minimum in coverage.
May contain MILK, OTHER NUTS & EGG.

Storage: Ambient.