Sapori D'Italia Pestoliva (Nocellara & Pesto Pitted Olives) 1kg

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Sapori D'Italia's Pitted Sweet Green Sicilian Nocellara Olives are a true delight from the region of Castelvetrano. These olives are known for their exceptional texture, offering a firm bite that yields to a buttery, smooth finish. Enhanced by the infusion of PDO Genovese basil, they deliver a delicate, aromatic flavour that complements their natural sweetness.


Pair with Salad, Pizza, Antipasti or with any Fish Dishes or Can also be consumed on its own.

Ingredients: Pitted Nocellara olives, P.D.O Genovese Basil, Sunflower Oil, Italian Garlic, Chilli, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid. Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.
May contain olive stones.

Storage: Keep refrigerated at all times. Consume within 14 days once opened.