Salsiccia (Fresh Artisan Italian Luganega Style Pork Sausages)

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Please note that these sausages are made on order and have a 7-day shelf life from production date, guaranteeing maximum freshness when delivered to your doorstep!

Due to this, Salsiccia is a pre-order item and we dispatch all orders with this item every Wednesday.

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These artisan Italian Luganega style pork sausages are made with 100% pork shoulder. No preservatives, water or rusks. Made using our very own ingredients from our tapenades, pastes and antipasti. Suitable for freezing.

Perfect for grilling, frying or BBQ. 

Pick your favourite flavour:

- Salsiccia Siciliana - Fennel, Salt & Pepper
Minimum order: 500g

- Salsiccia Arrabbiata - Sapori Italian Chilli Paste
Minimum order: 4x500g (2kg)

- Salsiccia al Pate di Olive Nere - Sapori Black Olive Tapenade
Minimum order: 4x500g (2kg)

- Salsiccia al Pomodoro Secco - Sapori Sundried Tomato
Minimum order: 4x500g (2kg)

Ingredients: Pork, salt, pepper,fennel, E221.

Storage: Keep Refrigerated.