Condorelli Latte di Mandorla (Sicilian Almond Milk) 1Ltr

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It is the almond milk of excellence in the minds of Italians. Thanks to its ancient recipe and its delicious authentic flavour.

Commonly used instead of cow's milk, Condorelli Almond Milk, with its 9% almonds and 2% pistachios, is refreshing at any time of the year. And in this pistachio version it's even more delicious!

Perfect to be consumed alone, as a dessert to drink, it is also perfect to give life to delicious drinks: vegan cappuccinos, long drinks, or even the renowned "Sicilian granita".

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, ALMONDS (11%), Sucrester emulsifier, antioxidant, L-ascorbic acid, flavorings. Suitable for vegetarians. GLUTEN-FREE

Storage: Ambient