Sapori D'Italia Mistoliva® (Marinated Mixed Pitted Olives) 1kg

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Marinated Mixed Pitted Black & Green Olives. Sapori D'Italia's Medium Pitted Green & Black Olives offer a delightful blend of flavours, enhanced by Sapori’s signature marinade. The olives are complemented by vibrant red and yellow peppers, adding a subtle sweetness and a touch of colour. The texture is firm yet tender, providing a satisfying bite that pairs perfectly with the rich, savoury marinade.


Pair with Salad, Antipasti, or Can also be consumed on its own.

Ingredients: Green & Black Pitted Olives, Water, Sweet Peppers, Wine Vinegar, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Italian Parsley, Garlic, Black Pepper, Chilli.
This product may contain olive stones.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once Opened Keep Refrigerated.