Sapori D'Italia Misto Italia (Mixed Italian Stone-In Olives) 170g

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Whole Stone-in mixed green and black Italian olives. Featuring Bella di Cerignola olives from Pulglia, known for their plumpness and buttery texture. Leccino olives from Abruzzo imparting a subtle yet distinctive fruity essence, and Nocellara olives from Sicily renowned for their vibrant green hue and crisp bite. 


Pair with Antipasti, or Can also be consumed on its own.

Ingredients: Mixed Italia Olives (Nocellara del Belice, Bella di Cerignola, Leccino), Water, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Acidifying E270 (Lactic Acid). Antioxidant: E300 (Ascorbic Acid), Wine Vinegar (Traces). Packaged in a protective atmosphere: E290, E941.

This product contains olive stones.

Storage: Keep Refrigerated.