L'Isola D'Oro Vongole with Shell 700g

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L’Isola D’Oro Vongole are a 100% Italian product. They are rich with minerals, vitamins, proteins and GMO free. Using the highest quality raw material only, respecting the ecosystem and ocean floor. After being selected through several production phases, “vongolotte” (clams) are packed in jars or tins then plunged natural brine.

They are the ideal ingredient for many recipes: a simple spaghetti with clams with garlic and parsley or with cherry tomatoes; Neapolitan-style stew to be enjoyed on toasted bread; sautéed with a sauce made from chilli pepper, white wine, parsley and garlic.

Ingredients: Clams (SEAFOOD), water, salt, Acidity corrector: citric acid.

Storage: Ambient.