The Sicilian Tomato Pasta Sauce Norma 370ml

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What makes this sauce so unique?

The Sicilian only cooks tomatoes picked at the height of summer, when they're at their ripest.

The Sicilian's 'Norma' pasta sauce is a real classic found all over the Island. The aubergine is fried to release all of it's natural sugars before mixing it into the sauce, giving it the fullest flavour.

Tasting notes- The tomatoes are watered from a natural spring on The Sicilian's farm, overlooked by Mount Etna. They're then hand picked and left under the shade of tin roofs to ripen before being hand-cooked. They use natural crop rotation, no greenhouses. No pesticides. All Natural. No sugar, no preservatives added. 100% sourced & bottled in Sicily.

Each jar contains about 1kg of Sicilian tomatoes.

Ingredients: Sicilian tomatoes (91.78%), aubergine (7.64%), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Sicilian sea salt.

Storage: Ambient.