Callipo Nduja di Spilinga (Spicy Salame Spread) 200g

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  • ‘Nduja is a soft, spicy, hot spreadable salami, which is considered one of the most famous traditional products of Calabria.

  • 'Nduja originated in Spilinga.

  • Callipo 'Nduja is made using a premium mixture of pork meat and chili pepper

  • It is ideal for a warm spread, or can even be used as a pasta sauce, a pizza topping or a flavour enhancer

  • Elegant packaging that makes this product not just perfect for pizzeria and restaurants but also retails.

  • Gluten-free.

  • GMO-free ingredients.

Ingredients: 'Nduja/Spicy spreadable salami 92% (Pork fat 42%, Pork meat 30%, Spicy chili pepper 25%, Salt 3%) Olive oil 8%.

Storage: Ambient.