Terrano Sicilia I.G.P. (Organic Sicilian EVO Oil) 500ml

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Bottles decorated with representation of Sicilian Moor's head (Testa di Moro), filled with a premium quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from Nocellara del Belice & Biancolilla olives in Sicily.

These beautifully decorated bottles make the perfect ornament too!

About Oleificio Terrano

For over half a century the Terrano family has been a point of reference for farmers and owners of olive groves in the area of ​​Villafrati, Cefalà Diana and surroundings.

The Terrano oil mill annually selects the best olives from its territory.

All production processes are still carried out according to artisanal dictates, albeit with the aid of cutting-edge machinery, where the extraction is carried out "cold". These procedures guarantee a product with a great fragrance and unique organoleptic sensations.

100% Organic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Storage: Ambient