Salame dei Nebrodi al Peperoncino 200g

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Made with Italian meat cut with a knife tip flavored with natural flavors and Nebrodi black pig lard as tradition dictates, it expresses all the taste of the truest Sicily.

About Salumi Caputo

A generous land, ancient knowhow and all the authenticity of village tradition. These were the simple ingredients that kickstarted the story of Salumi Caputo, a family business established more than 70 years ago which today, as it did then, produces high-quality Sicilian salumi in Sant’Angelo di Brolo, an ancient village on the slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains.

Salumi Caputo pride themselves in high-quality salumi produced only with 100%-Italian meat in the finest cuts and made using artisan methods and slow ageing. True delicacies of the territory with a unique and inimitable taste.

Ingredients: Pork meat 80% (Origin: Italy), Nebrodi black pig lard 20% (Origin: Sicily, Italy), Chilli, Salt, Aromas and spices, Dextrose, Preservatives: E252 (potassium nitrate)

It contains no milk, gluten and its derivatives.

Inedible gut.

Storage: Keep Chilled