Orange Moon Baba' al Rum (Rum Soaked Cake) 160g

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Presenting Orange Moon’s take on Babà al Rum, perfectly packed into a little reusable glass jar.

Babà al rum is a traditional Neapolitan desert, a delicious sponge cakes soaked in a sticky, citrus-scented boozy syrup. Indulge in this classic Italian treat; an indulgence of citrusy aromas and decadent flavours, sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.



Ingredients: BABÀ (10%): manitoba flour (WHEAT), mix of category A pasteurized fresh EGG, butter (MILK), wildflower honey, natural raising powder. Flavouring: vanilla paste (brown sugar syrup, vanilla concentrate 15%, vanilla pod powder 11%, vanilla seeds, brown sugar). RUM SYRUP (90%): water, sugar, honey, rum (4%), orange peel.

Babà (17%) in rum syrup (83%). Vol. 15%

Contains: GLUTEN, EGG, MILK; may contain SOYBEAN and MUSTARD SEEDS.

Storage: Ambient.